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Sonnie Santos

Seasoned Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Change Speaker. Presently the Chief Learning and Equipping Officer of WSPH Training and Consulting.
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Before cyber abuse and bullying became a national issue, Sonnie,  with some friends, launched “keep your kids safe online”,  a campaign  aimed at equipping parents to protect their kids from online risks.  Because of this initiative, he was awarded the best in blog advocacy by the Philippine Blog Awards on 2010, and became one of the finalists of the 1st Tatt awards on 2011. Presently, Sonnie’s advocacy include cyber abuse and bullying prevention, data privacy and digital parenting.


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Social Business

As one of the early adopters of social web, Sonnie unlocked one of the keys to build a strong brand and PR: Content Marketing. Because of the value found on his blog in mid-2000,  a head hunter noticed his digital trail and endorsed him. Sonnie was later offered an executive position.  Validated by the experience, this became the mother of all  strategies for the initiatives he developed for  individuals and organisations.

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Knack for HR/OD

Sonnie had 2 decades of experience in people management and development, plus a decade in social web marketing.  Because of this, “social engagement” and  “value adding” initiatives  has been the anchor strategies of his biz.


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